Aelite Chimney Specialties is sure that you have heard the nightmares that can be involved with hiring an unlicensed and/or uninsured contractor. Unfortunately, many homeowners across the country have lost countless amounts of money by not hiring a certified, or licensed, contractor to do home improvement projects. As construction costs can be quite expensive, people look to save money on these projects however they can. Since an unlicensed contractor has no licensing costs or bond obligations, this contractor can put in a much lower bid. However, going with the cheapest bid can end up costing you more money than expected or even budgeted. When you hire a contractor with no certifications, licenses, insurance, or credentials to perform work on your property, you are taking a big risk. Although a certified contractor seems to be more expensive, you can actually save money in the long run. We would like to share some reasons with you from Angie’s List why you should never undervalue a certified contractor.

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Certified contractors will carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies.

The importance of hiring a contractor who is covered by both liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies cannot be stressed enough. These policies can fully protect homeowners in the event of damage and injuries. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover any damage done to your home by the contractor and his crew unless you have specifically added in-home employee coverage. The contractor’s liability insurance policy will protect you if a worker damages your home or property in any way. Worker’s compensation is also needed in case anyone becomes injured while working on your home. This type of insurance policy will fully cover the resulting medical costs.

Certified contractors will provide you with the security of bonding.

A bond provided by your contractor is a guarantee that the promised work will be completed. This bond is the secured money you will receive in case something happens to prevent the work from being finished. A certified contractor will not only give you proof of this bond, but he will also explain to you exactly what the bonded amount will cover if he is unable to complete the work on your home.

Certified contractors have met specific industry standards to receive the correct licensing needed for the job.

A contractor’s license is the proof that he can legally do business in your area as well as proof that he has met all of the needed industry standards in order to do the job. If your contractor does not provide you with a copy of his license, you can easily check with your local licensing authority to request your own copy of his license and certification. This ensures your contractor has the skills needed to do the work in accordance with all local building codes. Additionally, hiring an unlicensed contractor can lead you to losing your homeowner’s insurance policy if any problems were to arise.

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