Arlington Heights, You’ve Picked A Winner With Aelite Chimney Specialties!

Arlington Heights is known for its racetrack, and Aelite is known for delivering professional chimney sweep services. Here is a list of the services we provide to the residents of Arlington Heights:

Prevent Fires, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Water & Smoke Damage

Did you know that if you are not pro-active about your chimney and venting systems and don’t have an experienced chimney sweep inspect and maintain your chimneys, fireplaces, woodstoves, and dryer vents, you put your home and family at risk? That’s why the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) ask homeowners to schedule a professional chimney sweep visit for their home every year. Aelite Chimney Specialties’ technicians have extensive inspection experience and can identify potential fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning risks and correct them. Of course, we provide expert chimney sweeping services as well.

What About Your Dryer?

Many homeowners think that just cleaning their dryer’s lint filter will protect them from fires. However, that’s not the case. Lint, dust, and even insects and animals can get trapped in the dryer’s vent and put you and your family at high risk for a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t wonder if your dryer vent is a hazard – let the skilled technicians at Aelite perform a professional cleaning!

Your Safety & Our Expertise = The Winning Combination

Since the day our doors opened in 2005, our goal has been to provide the best chimney care services in the area. We have made education and integrity the cornerstones of our business, and have worked tirelessly to exceed expectations and build trust. With an “A” rating on Angie’s List and a “Zero Complaint” record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we hope you will trust us with all of your chimney and dryer vent care needs.

All of our technicians are CSIA-certified and have the experience you want when looking for a chimney sweep.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Arlington Heights Is A Winning Place To Be:

  • Arlington Heights used to be known as “Dunton”, which was founded in 1836. In 1887, Dunton was incorporated as Arlington Heights.
  • In 1880 the population of Arlington Heights was 995. In 2012, the U.S. Census reported the population was over 75,000.
  • In 1929, Arlington Park Race Track opened. Today the horse race track is the location of the Arlington Million race, which is a qualifying race for the Breeders’ Cup. Arlington Park was also the venue for the prestigious Breeders’ Cup event in 2002.
  • Arlington Heights is home to the Army Reserves 85th Support Command. The U.S. Army Reserve Training Center also operates in Arlington.
  • The Arlington Heights Air Force Station was opened in 1960. In 1969 the area became part of the park’s system and a golf course was added in 1979.
  • The Arlington Heights community has deep religious roots. The Presbyterian Church was founded in 1856 as the first community church. Two years later, a Methodist Church was established. In 1902, St. James Catholic Church was founded, which today has one of the largest congregations in Arlington. Residents of Arlington Heights value their religious heritage and are represented with many churches of all faiths.
  • The popular movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, was filmed at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights.
  • The Metropolis Performing Arts Center opened downtown in 2000. It is home to live professional entertainment, classes, and noteworthy student education programs. There are over 300 performances at the Metropolis each year.

When it comes to performing professional chimney sweeping and venting-related services, homeowners in Arlington Heights know to contact Aelite Chimney Specialties. Call us or click here today!


Our service region includes Barrington and we take pride in keeping our customers safe and warm.