Chimney Waterproofing for McHenry, Lake, and Cook Counties

A waterproofed chimney is a happy chimney. And a happy chimney will make you a happy homeowner because you won’t have to worry about water seeping in through your brick and mortar, ceilings, walls, and floors. That means you won’t have to deal with the high-dollar repair bills that come along with fixing that kind of water damage and preventing it in the future.

You will especially want to have a water repellent treatment applied to your chimney if you see water stains on the side of your chimney after a hard rain, or if you spot those white efflorescence streaks down the length of your chimney. Spalling brick, which is when the face of the brick falls off, is another sure sign that your chimney could use an extra layer of protection against Mother Nature.

Why Your Chimney Needs to Be Waterproofed

  • To protect it from efflorescence and other stains
  • To discourage the growth of mildew and fungus
  • To protect your chimney from destructive freeze and thaw cycles
  • To protect your chimney from the elements
  • To add extra life to your chimney
  • To save you the expense of repairing water-damaged ceilings and walls

Waterproofing a chimney is a preventative measure that adds great longevity to your chimney. It’s a way to shore up your vulnerable brick and mortar against the many beatings it will take over the years—protecting it from the rain, snow, and ice. The chimney professionals at Aelite Chimney can make your chimney watertight with a professional grade water repellent treatment that’s proven to reduce water penetration into masonry by 99.9%. First we brush off any mold, loose dirt, and debris, and wash the chimney, cleaning it of any stains, before applying the water repellent. After we apply the repellent your chimney will be entirely watertight from top to bottom and ready to take on the harsh elements. Not only will a professional waterproofing keep out water but it will also prevent the formation of future stains. The product we use is 100% breathable, which means vapors won’t get trapped inside your chimney when it’s in use. This product will form an invisible barrier of added protection for your chimney.

Rely On Us for It All

In addition to waterproofing, Aelite Chimney offers chimney sweeping and chimney inspection services. We are also available to replace or repair all chimney components. Call us at (815) 363-1242 to schedule your water repelling treatment, or click here to schedule an appointment online!


Could the water leak be caused by a problem with the flashing? Yes! Ask our trained team at Aelite for their expertise in solving this problem.