Chimney Repair Service for Lake, Cook, and McHenry County

If it has to do with a chimney, you can bet that we’ve seen it, fixed it, and done it quickly and at a reasonable price. We have a passion for bringing older chimneys up to code and making all chimneys and fireplaces safer and more enjoyable for homeowners. In our line of work, we work to prevent house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning; we make chimneys more efficient and we save people money. We take a lot of pride in the way we are able to help people, and love to leave a home knowing it’s safer because of our work there.

Aelite Chimney Specialties - Before and after chimney Repair Flue
At Aelite Chimney, we offer the full range of chimney repair services, including:

We also are happy to provide dryer vent cleaning services and fireplace and wood stove installations. For more information, contact us at (815) 363-1242.

Smoke Chamber Repair

In addition to repairing and cleaning your chimney, you can count on us to restore your smoke chamber and bring it up to code so that it’s not hemorrhaging energy or heat or posing a danger to your family and property. Never heard of a smoke chamber? You’re not alone. The smoke chamber is the often-overlooked area between the firebox and the chimney. Because it’s not easily visible and is far less familiar to most people than the chimney, not many people give much thought to maintaining their smoke chamber. We also see some smoke chambers that were built improperly, meaning they’ve been operating inefficiently from the get-go. A smoke chamber in disrepair can present numerous problems, including turbulence, heat loss and even the potential for a chimney fire, as heat will transfer much more easily to combustibles like creosote that have accumulated inside. Most commonly, we see that smoke chambers can be at least partially to blame for a chimney that’s poorly insulated and inefficient. Our chimney technicians use Ahrens Chamber-Tech 2000 to get smoke chambers into tip-top shape. This “super sticky” lightweight insulating refractory mortar helps us create a smooth surface so that your chimney is insulated and free of turbulence, allowing smoke and combustion byproducts to flow efficiently into your chimney and out of your home. Chamber-Tech 2000 is also great at adding structural strength, and is easier to clean and maintain. Plus, it’s incredibly cost effective.

Live in Lake, McHenry, or Cook County, Illinois and need to have your chimney or fireplace repaired? Schedule an appointment with Aelite Chimney today. Call us at (815) 363-1242 or click here to schedule an appointment online.


Don’t neglect your chimney. Tuckpointing can solve chimney damages before they become a major issue. Let our team at Aelite provide an inspection as part of our complete service for chimneys, fireplaces and vent systems.