Chimney Sweeping Services for McHenry, Lake, and Cook County

We know home expenses can seem endless. Not only are there things you need to have done, but there are likely things you want to have done. We recommend filing “have chimney swept” under the “need to have done” category. This is one item on your to-do list that you won’t want to put off, as the consequences of waiting only grow with time.

Prior to sweeping, your chimney will need to be inspected by a certified chimney technician. Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that you have your chimney inspected annually to determine if it needs to be cleaned or if other maintenance needs to be performed.

Before we explain the process of chimney sweeping, it’s first important for you to understand the function of your chimney. Chimneys are designed to expel the byproducts of combustion—things like smoke, water vapor, gases, hydrocarbon, unburned wood particles, tar fog—all produced when wood burns. As these substances flow up into the chimney, condensation occurs, leading to the creation of creosote. Creosote, which is highly flammable, is created when solid smoke particles have cooled and hardened on the walls and surfaces inside of your chimney.

When you have your chimney swept, creosote buildup is removed, which not only prevents the risk of a house fire but improves efficiency and drafting so that your fire is easier to light, better smelling, and more enjoyable for you and your family. A clean chimney may also diminish your family’s risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs to Be Cleaned?

There are several rules of thumb when it comes to determining whether or not your chimney needs sweeping:

  • Clean a wood burning system if it’s accumulated more than 1/8” of creosote.
  • Clean your chimney annually if you burn every day in the winter. If you burn every other day, sweep every other year.
  • Sweep after every two cords of oak firewood, or after every cord if you have a wood-burning stove or insert.
  • Sweep every 200 fires, or after every 100 fires if you have a wood-burning stove or insert.

Most importantly, rely on a chimney professional to tell you if your chimney needs to be swept and cleaned. At Aelite, you can count on us to be honest about when your chimney needs work and when it doesn’t.

What Happens During a Chimney Sweep?

Before your chimney is swept, an Aelite Chimney professional will protect your home from soot particles by laying down drop cloths and sealing off the area around your chimney. It is helpful to move furniture away from the chimney prior to our arrival. During a sweep, we will use various vacuums as well as rotating brushes and rods to remove as much soot and creosote as possible. A chimney cleaning usually takes about an hour.

Aelite Chimney is now recognized as the premier chimney service company in Lakemoor, Illinois, and the surrounding cities and counties. Ours is a small, family-owned business that’s available to you six days a week, twelve months a year. We specialize in energy-saving home improvements and are happy to serve Lake, McHenry, and Cook Counties in Illinois. Call Aelite Chimney at (815) 363-1242 or click here to schedule a sweep of your fireplace or furnace system today.


A thorough scan can be done with our video chimney inspection service…just a standard part of our complete chimney, fireplace and vent services at Aelite.