Efficient Gas Logs

If you’re in the market for gas logs or a gas-burning heating appliance, you are in luck. Gas logs are far more realistic and heat-generating today than they once were. Nowadays, most gas log sets are made of a ceramic material that is hand painted for realism. Because the demand for gas logs has grown so rapidly, they’ve became exponentially better each year. And that’s great because it can be a big, expensive task to add a traditional fireplace to an existing home, while gas log systems and prefabricated fireplaces make it easy to get the look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace.

We can think of 10 reasons right off the top of our heads why you might love gas logs…

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Gas Logs

1. They’re simple to use. Simply fire them up with a switch or valve, without the worry and hassle of changing out logs or hauling ash or debris.
2. They’re safe—no flying sparks or creosote buildup. Gas logs pose fewer fire risks.
3. They’re efficient and convenient. Gas logs are more energy-efficient than traditional wood and are a great source of heat and light when the power’s out.
4. They’re long lasting, burning longer than traditional wood.
5. They’re economical – no need to buy wood each year.
6. They’re environmentally friendly. Gas fires burn cleaner than wood fires, and clean-burning gas fuel greatly reduces your risk for a chimney fire.
7. They save you time – no need to stack wood or build a fire. Simply flip a switch. Gas logs are maintenance-free.
8. They’re neat. Traditional fireplaces can create a big mess.
9. They’re warm. Gas logs can put out twice the heat of wood.
10. They’re versatile. Gas logs come in a variety of styles.

Ventless vs. Vented Gas Logs

Before getting too far into your research about whether to choose vented or vent-free logs, it’s important to know your local building codes. But you don’t have to worry about that; you can leave it to the professionals at Aelite Chimney to steer you in the right direction about which type of gas log is best for you and your home. Quite simply, though, vented logs require an open chimney flue and aren’t particularly efficient, though they can be very realistic-looking, while vent-free logs can operate with a closed chimney flue. Vent-free logs don’t produce as realistic of a flame, but 100 percent of the generated heat stays indoors.

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