Chimney Flashing

Call a chimney professional and tell him that your chimney is leaking, and his mind may immediately think of the flashing. Flashing is to blame for a leaking chimney more often than not, and although it is inexpensive to replace or repair when the problem is identified early, it can lead to some very expensive repairs if not remedied quickly (think rotting wood and a water-logged roof or ceiling). To keep your flashing from being a source of leaks in the future, it’s important to hire a seasoned chimney technician to custom-fit flashing to your chimney.

In case we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves, let us tell you first what flashing is. Chimney flashing refers to the layers of sheet metal that overlap around the base of your chimney where the chimney meets your roof. It should be custom-fitted by a chimney professional (not a roofer) to ensure that it stays watertight. At Aelite Chimney Specialties, we have extensive flashing installation experience and can make sure your flashing is doing its job to keep your chimney system dry.

Signs Your Chimney Needs New Flashing:

  • Your flashing is missing
  • Your flashing is rusted through
  • Your flashing is coming loose
  • Your flashing is covered with roofing tar
  • You are installing new roof shingles or having other roofing work done
Over time, flashing can become loose or torn, rusted or cracked. Sometimes the caulk even comes loose. And if it wasn’t installed correctly from the get-go, chimney flashing is bound to spring a leak. Let us inspect your leaking chimney flashing; we may determine that a simple recaulking will solve the problem, or we may suggest starting fresh with flashing that is custom-fit to your particular chimney. Only a professional chimney technician will be able to determine if you truly need new flashing or if your flashing is to blame for your leaking chimney.
Aelite Chimney Specialties - Chimney Flashing
Aelite Chimney Specialties - Flashing Repair
At Aelite Chimney we use a specific technique for overlapping the flashing—weaving custom metal sheetwork together, folding it against the chimney, and embedding part of it into the mortar joints to make your chimney watertight. The layering is what works best for wicking water away from your chimney and preventing leaks altogether. We also apply a durable urethane caulk to seal all corners, so you know all of your bases are covered.

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In order to stop your water leaks, you may need to have your chimney waterproofed, a job best left to the experienced professionals at Aelite Chimney Specialties.