Chimney Crown Installation

A chimney without a chimney crown is like a house without a roof — one doesn’t make much sense without the other. It’s extremely important to keep your chimney crown in good shape because it is what covers the top of your chimney to keep water out. Chimney crowns also have the important job of keeping critters like birds, opossums, rats and insects out of your chimney, and preventing debris from entering and creating a blockage that might well prove to be a fire hazard.

Unfortunately, time and the elements can lead to crown decay and allow water a way into your chimney system and home. When water enters your chimney it can cause damage to your brick and mortar, which is water-soluble. This can result in water-damaged ceilings, walls, and floors—adding up to some very expensive and inconvenient repairs. We don’t recommend putting off the installation or repair of a chimney crown. Safeguard your brick against water penetration with a professionally-built chimney crown that will stand the test of time.

It’s not always apparent when your chimney crown is damaged, especially because water can enter from small holes and cracks. Because chimney problems can manifest themselves as roofing problems, homeowners often mistakenly call a roofer to fix their chimney. But roofers don’t know chimneys the way chimney professionals do. They know roofs — we know chimneys. If you want your crown work done right, call a certified chimney technician, today.

Why We Use Crown Coat

The chimney technicians at Aelite Chimney use ChimneySaver’s Crown Coat Brushable Sealant to help us create a waterproof chimney crown for our customers. We love this environmentally-friendly product because it comes with a 15-year warranty and its quick-drying water-base technology allows it to cure completely within two to four hours.

If you think your chimney crown may be leaking, call a professional. At Aelite Chimney we have 15 years of experience building superior mortar chimney crowns that will wick water off your chimney and down onto your roof. Our crowns are built thick to resist cracking and won’t recede away from your chimney — guaranteed.

Experience a whole new level of service with us. Have questions about your chimney crown or another component of your chimney? We’d love to help! Whatever your chimney system needs, give us a call, today at (815) 363-1242 or click here to schedule an appointment online. We look forward to helping you preserve your chimney system!


Get the added protection of a chimney cover when you are considering chimney repair work.