Important Appointment Tips

To help you prepare for your appointment with an Aelite Chimney technician, we’ve provided the following tips:

1. If you are simply scheduling your annual maintenance and would like speedy, flexible service times and dates, please try to schedule during the spring and summer. During these months, we typically have fewer emergency calls, which means our schedule is much more accommodating.
2. Twenty-four hours prior to your appointment, please discontinue appliance use so that it has ample time to cool.
3. Please clear the area around the appliance being serviced prior to your appointment. This will help guarantee the protection of your valuables and sufficient workspace for our technicians.
4. Please remove ashes from the ashbox before our technicians arrive (if applicable).
5. Please be sure to keep your pets away from the work area. Doing so will allow us to work faster and will help us keep your home clean!

We look forward to serving you!


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