Glass Fireplace Doors

Part of the pleasure of sitting in front of a fireplace, insert or stove is enjoying the beautiful, flickering and dancing flames. Take that away and you lose half of the experience. But, with beautiful glass doors, you’re given a window into your heating appliance so that you can enjoy all of the ambiance and warmth that your heating appliance has to offer.

Glass Doors Work With All Types of Systems

Glass doors are a great choice for those who have traditional fireplaces, prefabricated fireplaces, inserts or stoves, and can help protect the home and family from the open flames. Gas fireplaces can be turned off, but wood-burning fireplaces have to burn out over time. When you’re ready to retire for the night and need to leave a dying fire unattended, one way to make it safer is to install glass doors. Then you can go to sleep knowing that the burning embers from your fire are contained.

Concerned that you won’t be able to find glass doors to fit with your unit? Don’t be! Retrofitting glass doors isn’t difficult for the chimney professionals at Aelite Chimney. We’ve got the experience and eye to know exactly what size doors your firebox opening will need for a guaranteed perfect fit.

Aelite Chimney - Glass Fireplace Doors

Ask About Our Options

Not only do glass doors add protection and viewing enjoyment to all those gathered around, they also add style to your unit and can alter the whole look of your room. Who ever said change had to be expensive? Glass doors may be all your existing unit needs to spruce up its appearance and give it a new look and feel.

At Aelite Chimney we offer a wide variety of glass doors and can help you find just the right glass door for your particular heating appliance. Whether you need a custom fireplace door or even a door that fits a corner fireplace or outdoor fireplace, we can help! We can also fit your fireplace with screen gates and curtains for added visual appeal. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that your glass doors, screen gates or curtains have been installed safely when you trust Aelite Chimney to do the work.

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