Aelite Provides Comprehensive Chimney Sweep Services To Inverness

Aelite Chimney Specialties has been providing quality chimney sweep services since 2005. We have built our business on our repeat customers and their introductions to others who need comprehensive professional chimney sweep services. Here are some of the services Aelite provides:

Proper Maintenance Is Essential

Many homeowners take for granted that their chimneys and household venting systems are operating properly…a classic case of out of sight, out of mind. However, without proper maintenance, your home and family are at great risk of a devastating fire and subject to many health concerns. If you have a fireplace, there is an additional fire and toxicity hazard. Unbeknownst to you, soot, creosote and even trapped animals and insects can build up in your chimney and ignite.

Your clothes dryer is also often overlooked. It is extremely important to verify that the vents are free from leaks, tears, and that they are properly installed and free of debris and lint. Even if you carefully clean the lint filter, you are not reaching deep inside the venting. But here at Aelite, we have the specialized tools to thoroughly clean the entire venting system from beginning to end.

Not All Chimney Sweeps Are Alike

When you call Aelite Chimney Specialties, you know you are calling a family-owned business that is committed to your safety. Owners Nick and Julie Wagner know the importance of removing the fire hazards and poisonous gases that originate in your chimney, wood- and fuel-burning appliances. Aelite urges homeowners to follow the recommendations of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to have professional inspections and maintenance performed once a year to minimize these risks.

Our technicians are CSIA-certified and we are proud of our “Zero Complaint” record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our “A” rating with Angie’s List.

Did You Know?

  • That Inverness was first settled in the early 1800s and was originally known as Deer Grove.
  • George Ela was the founder of Inverness. Ela was born in New Hampshire, traveled west, and made his land claim in Deer Grove in 1836.
  • In 1840 the U.S. Government sold land in the Deer Grove (Inverness) area for $1.25 an acre, which was priced above what many of the settlers of the time could afford.
  • Chicago land developer Arthur McIntosh built the town of Deer Grove/Inverness around the area known as Inverness Golf Course. When visiting in the 1920s, McIntosh said the area reminded him of his native Scotland and so he decided he was going to preserve the area’s natural beauty. McIntosh renamed the area Inverness, after his home in Scotland.
  • Way Thompson had the vision to create a plan whereby roads and homes would be planned and built with a plotting and layout that enhanced rather than destroyed the natural beauty of Deer Grove/Inverness. He was involved in approving the house plans and location of each house on the lot in order to maintain the integrity of his vision.
  • Legend has it that during the 1920s, the notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone used the silos, which are now home to the Village Hall, as one of his hideouts. The silo towers provided the perfect vantage point for observing the area countryside.

Identifying Hidden Dangers

You can count on Aelite to identify and repair any hidden dangers in your chimney and venting systems. Our comprehensive services also include selling and installing fireplace inserts, gas logs, and wood stoves. Call us or click here to schedule your appointment.


We take lots of pleasure in providing peace of mind through our quality service to the folks who live in Lake Bluff, another one of the great communities we serve.