Fire Preparedness in the Home

Did you know that you are four times more likely to die in a fire at home if there is no smoke alarm? Do you understand the risks to yourself and your family when you don’t have any basic fire safety and prevention measures? People often underestimate the devastation a  house fire. Don’t be complacent and take for granted the safety and security of your home. Lets start preparing now.

The Cause

There are a number of reasons why a fire may start in the home. It might be from short-circuiting wires, tangled wires, overcharging equipment and also unseen defects in your chimney and chimney parts. We at Aelite Chimney Specialties would always recommend an annual check-up and cleaning of your fireplace and chimney so that rest-assured this is no longer a probable cause of fire in the home and it will also give you a fully-functional, long-lasting chimney.

The Tips

There are simple steps you can take to help prevent house fires. But, if a fire breaks out, you need a plan.

There are simple steps you can take to help prevent house fires. But, if a fire breaks out, you need a plan.

There are four very important things to remember, learn and put to action to prepare you and your family for the worst. Here are some very useful tips to prevent fires from happening.

First, having a fire escape plan is the most important thing to have. This will help you and your family knows where to go and how to go to designated areas when there is actual fire. This will also become your guide to clear pathways and change any necessary arrangements for an easier and smooth transition to the outside. This plan should be role played at least once a month to always prepare the people living with you. Note that there should be a particular place outside your home where all of you can meet up.

Also, it’s always good to have smoke detectors and smoke alarms in the home especially in rooms with the exception of the bathroom and the kitchen (the hot and cold shower and when you are cooking). These smoke alarms should be checked every three months to see if the batteries are still operating well. Always make sure that the alarm is loud enough to be heard throughout the entire house.

A well-placed and visible fire extinguisher that can be accessed easily should always be inside the house as well. This will help lower the chances for the fire to spread and you might actually use it to burn down the fire entirely.

Lastly, make sure that no flammable materials are, in any way, near any fire hazard. This will make it difficult for the fire to spread right away and this will also give you enough time to go out without inhaling any smoke.

These are all very important tips that will serve as a guide for whenever an unexpected circumstance might come your way. It’s never easy to get out of a fire, that’s why it’s always best to be prepared.