Your chimney and fireplace system need regular maintenance in order to work efficiently and safely, and to be sure these maintenance services are done correctly, it is important to hire a chimney sweep who has been trained and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Without this certification, a chimney sweep may not clean and inspect your chimney correctly, which means your chimney could still have hidden hazards after it has been swept and inspected. Aelite Chimney Specialties only hires CSIA-certified chimney sweeps because we know how important this certification is. We would like to tell you more about CSIA certification and why it is so essential for the best professional chimney services.

How does a chimney sweep get certified by the CSIA?Importance of CSIA Certification Image - Chicago IL - Aelite Chimney Specialites

The non-profit organization provides training sessions at its headquarters, the CSIA Technology Center in Indiana, as well as at various locations across the country. Chimney sweeps can also take these sessions online. At the end of the training sessions, the sweep must pass two exams based on the texts used in training. After successful completion of these exams, the sweep must pay his annual fees and sign the CSIA Code of Ethics.

What is covered in the training sessions?

Chimney sweeps learn how to maintain and repair chimneys attached to all types of fuel-burning appliances and how to install and service these heating appliances. They also are taught about the different codes and standards for chimneys from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Residential Codes (IRC). Chimney sweeps will learn how to repair common chimney performance problems, including improving chimney draft. Safety practices are also reinforced during this training.

What does the CSIA Code of Ethics include?

When chimney sweeps sign this code, they promise to follow all chimney and venting safety practices and techniques recommended by the CSIA as well as to continue their education by keeping up with the latest chimney industry technology. You can trust a CSIA-certified chimney sweep to comply with all applicable building and fire safety codes as well as to treat you honestly and fairly as a customer. These sweeps promise to never engage in deceptive business practices. The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Aelite Chimney Specialties will always be truthful with you about the condition of your chimney and the repairs it needs to work safely.

Aelite Chimney Specialties is proud to offer chimney maintenance, repair, and installation services to the Chicago area. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps today.