Setting the standard for the chimney industry, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) was founded in 1983 as an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to the safety of chimney, fireplace, and venting systems. This organization commits itself to eliminating hazardous chimney-related incidents like fires and carbon monoxide leaks. They also are dedicated to teaching homeowners, chimney professionals, and others about the prevention and correction of dangers caused by chimney and venting systems. The CSIA also certifies chimney and venting professionals as a measurement of expertise in the industry. Choosing a CSIA-certified chimney sweep company, such as Aelite Chimney Specialties, is important for many excellent reasons. We would like to share some information about CSIA certification with you to tell you why this credential is so essential when hiring a chimney sweep.

CSIA Certified - Chicago IL - Aelite Chimney

Areas of Proficiency

During the CSIA-certification training process, participants must demonstrate proficiency in different areas of the chimney and venting system industry. These areas include:

  • Technical aspects of chimney operation and construction
  • The skillful performance of the best and current techniques of the chimney and venting system trade
  • The physics of burning wood and the development of creosote deposits
  • All applicable codes, regulations, clearances, and standards
  • the care and installation of the different types of solid fuel appliances
  • the requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency

Requirements for Receiving Certification

To be able to receive the CSIA-certification credential, candidates must:

  • Attend a review session, either in-person or online
  • Pass a one-hour exam based on Successful Chimney Sweeping 2011 and the National Fire Protection Agency 211 2013
  • Pass a 90-minute open book exam based on the International Residential Code of 2006
  • Agree to pay the annual certification fee
  • Sign the CSIA Code of Ethics

Obligations and Responsibilities

Once chimney and venting system professionals receive the certification from the CSIA, they must follow by its code of responsibilities and obligations, which include:

  • Constantly sharpening skills, base of knowledge, and safety practice techniques for fireplace, chimney, and venting systems
  • Continually learning about and following the CSIA-recommended venting and chimney safety techniques and practices
  • Compliance and familiarity with all applicable building codes regarding chimney and venting products
  • Following strictly the manufacturers’ installation instructions when installing appliances and other parts of a chimney or venting system
  • Educating consumers by providing them with essential information about chimney and venting safety procedures
  • Always treating customers fairly and honestly and never engaging in practices that are unfair or deceptive
  • Behaving in a professional and respectful manner at all times when serving as a chimney sweep

One of the main reasons to hire a CSIA-certified chimney sweep is being guaranteed that you will receive the best professional services for your chimney and venting systems. As these services are essential to the maintenance of a safe, functioning chimney, choosing a CSIA-certified company like Aelite Chimney Specialties gives you peace of mind and security. Contact us today for any chimney maintenance issues you may have.