Are You Breathing Clean Air at Home?

You may think the air you breathe inside the house is clean, but it could be just as dirty as outdoor air. Be aware.

You may think the air you breathe inside the house is clean, but it could be just as dirty as outdoor air. Be aware.

The air you and your family breathe is one of the most important things in your home. When you hear the word pollution, you often think of the air outside that can be caused by cars and factories. However, the air inside of your home can be polluted by common sources such as mold and pollen, tobacco smoke, household products and different gases such as Carbon Monoxide. These are all almost completely preventable. Building structure is sometimes the blame for poor air quality so make sure that your building is well-ventilated. Also, one of the major producers of Carbon Monoxide in the home is your fireplace and chimney. With proper care they can be a nice addition to your home, but they can also be dangerous quickly. If you need any chimney assistance this season, contact Aelite Chimney to talk to an experienced professional.

CO Inside the House

To prevent Carbon Monoxide from staying in the home it must be able to exit the chimney. This cannot happen if there is a blockage, commonly caused by twigs and leaves or creosotes. Creosotes are particles released from burning wood that can build up in your chimney. You cannot usually tell that Carbon Monoxide is filling your air until it is too late as it is odorless and colorless. The gas is extremely toxic so if you suspect it is in the air around you, you should evacuate the area immediately and seek medical attention depending on symptoms. Mild symptoms include headache, dizziness, and nausea, while more extreme symptoms can include chest pains, impaired vision, and even fatality.
Now, homeowners can get CO alarms to install inside of their homes to alert them when levels begin to rise. You should install multiple alarms throughout your home on all levels and also connect them together so when one area is changing you can be alerted anywhere in the house. These should not be used as smoke alarms as they are looking for two different things. Remember that an alarm will only work properly if it is taken care of so make sure that they are cleaned, tested, and have the batteries replaced regularly.


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