Are you in need of masonry services? Call today!

Are you in need of masonry services? Call today!

Providing superior comprehensive chimney maintenance service to the greater Chicago area, Aelite Chimney Specialties has been in business since 2005. Not only do we sweep and inspect chimneys to prevent dangerous fire hazards, but we also perform masonry services as well. To let you know exactly what sort of masonry jobs we can do, we would like to tell you a bit more about the masonry services we offer to the residents of Chicago and its surrounding area.

What masonry services does Aelite Chimney Specialities provide?

We specialize in the masonry technique of tuckpointing, which is the art of making bricks and mortar look aesthetically pleasing as well as more durable and long-lasting. A process that has been used for over 100 years, tuckpointing can transform the look of older chimneys by repairing the problems of aging, deteriorating brickwork and mortar. This technique gets its name from the special tools used in this process. Our experienced masons use pointed tools to tuck the mortar in between the bricks. This allows us to be sure all of the bricks are aligned properly with the mortar spread and tucked evenly.

What does the tuckpointing process involve?

After our masons inspect and examine your chimney to look for loose bricks, crumbled mortar, and gaps in the bricks, they will remove all of the damaged mortar and apply a new mortar, which is made from a custom mortar mix that has been carefully matched to the strength, color, and composition of your existing mortar. Our masons will take the time to carefully tuck this mortar into any gaps and then smooth out the mortar to look as if your chimney never had any masonry damage. After the tuckpointing work has been completed, a waterproofing formula will be applied to protect the masonry materials of your chimney from water penetration that can cause more damage.

Why would I need masonry services from Aelite Chimney Specialties?

Deteriorating masonry materials can cause serious problems for your chimney. If your chimney is filled with gaps from loose bricks and crumbling mortar, the structure can begin to lean and separate from your home. Your chimney could possibly even collapse from damaged masonry. Masonry repairs are also essential to keep water from leaking into your house through the gaps in your chimney. Water leaks can cause damage to your ceilings and walls in your home and even lead to mold growth. Loose bricks also create a fire hazard from the possibility of sparks escaping through the gaps onto your roof and igniting a house fire. Gaps within the masonry work of your chimney can also allow toxic gases like carbon monoxide to easily enter your home. Lastly, you need masonry services to keep your chimney from becoming an unattractive eyesore. The tuckpointing skills of our masons will make your chimney beautiful once again.

If you are in need of masonry repairs, contact Aelite Chimney Specialties here to schedule a consultation with our experienced masons.